This time tomorrow we’ll all know the answer, but sitting here in a hotel room at 3.00am in your morning, the identity of the star of the Detroit motor show is far from clear.

And even before it’s opened its doors, that makes it a more interesting show than most where the star turn is obvious and has already been grabbing headlines for weeks.

Looking at it in terms of sheer firepower, you’d have to say the Germans are making the early running. After all, when Mercedes-Benz launches its most important and best-selling car in your city, it’s going to take a lot of beating, especially when the new C-class comes flanked by world debuts for both the GLA45 AMG and the S600 V12 limo. But BMW has both the M3 and M4 here, as well as the 2-series coupé, so they should not be ruled out of the equation either.

For all this, I am still hoping for at least one rabbit to be pulled wriggling from the hat. Motor shows may not have lost their importance despite all the advanced trailing of product that’s done these days, but they have lost almost all their ability to surprise.

Who’s going to do it? Lexus is known to have its 5.0-litre V8-powered RC F coupé here but, not wishing to be outdone, its parent company has a concept on show too. Is it too much to hope it’ll be also be a high performance coupé thinly disguised as a show car and actually heralding the return of the Supra? Perhaps, and perhaps not. All I am sure of is that it’ll be fun finding out.