I'm going out on a limb here at Autocar, because I think I'm pretty much the only one in the office who doesn't like Audi's new LED daytime running lights, as found on the R8, A5 and posher versions of the new A4.

I'm all for the notion of having some lights on during daylight hours (especially given the increasing number of people who seem to forget to put lights on even at night), but these things are vulgar, plain and simple.


They are the expensive equivalent of the inappropriately-used foglights beloved of Saxo VTS drivers in baseball caps.

And yes, I know that makes me sound snobbish, but seriously, what is the point of these lights? If there were also rear daytime lights then it would make a lot more sense, but there aren't.

Of course, there is a solution - deep within Audi's rather effective MMI system, there's an option to switch the lights off.