Shrugged shoulders, exchanged glances, and what I believe is the honest answer: we just don't know. I'm at Lotus HQ and have asked the inevitable question. What news?

There are rumours that DRB-Hicom, the investor which recently bought Lotus's parent company, Proton, doesn't quite share Proton's vision for the success of The Lotus Plan (you know the one, featuring Swizz Beatz and Mansory).

A transitional phase, which gave DRB-Hicom 60 days to decide what to do with Proton, has elapsed - its representatives duly visited Hethel during that time.

The options? Sell Lotus off. Send it into administration and then sell it off. Or hold their nerve and give the people who work at Lotus what they deserve: the opportunity to make a new range of world-class sports cars under strong, sensible leadership. I know which one of those sounds like it would be a novelty.

Given some of the coverage, you'd be forgiven for thinking nothing at all was happening at Lotus HQ. But instead they do what good people do: they get on with things. The new test track is finished. Cranes and wagons are still, even today, erecting new production buildings. Cars, albeit in far smaller volumes than is ideal, move down the line.