Here’s some simple chemistry for you. Take three letters, in this case GT-R, and mix them with one iconic word, Porsche for instance, and you get a very explosive rivalry.

The Nissan Skyline GT-Rs of old never really seemed to upset the supercar establishment that much, provoking nothing more than knowing nods that they were potentially “as fast as a Porsche or Ferrari” from motoring hacks and fans of Japanese cars.

So what has changed? My money, or at least some of it, would go on the way the GT-R looks.

Follow most forums on the latest Porsche-baiting run around the Nurburgring and there will normally be at least one person who resorts to insinuating that the GT-R’s looks only appeal to people who don’t use vowels in text messages.Read about Nissan's latest GT-R 'Ring record

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