There's much ink being spilt in the papers over Prime Minister Gordon Brown's atttempts to turn his government around after a very turbulent autumn. The Westminster talk is of a re-launch in the new year and, no doubt, a raft a new policy announcements. But back in the real world, the government appears to declaring a full-scale war on nearly half of the electorate,­ and the half that's likely to be at full stretch in gainful employment.


Over the weekend a couple of very worrying stories appeared in the national press indicating just how the government seems determined to harass and bash motorists with a combination of sneaky new laws and big brother new technology.


The saturday Telegraph ran a story on new laws that will allow parking wardens,­ sorry Civil Enforcement Officers,­ to ticket a car without actually sticking a ticket on it. That move, combined with the reported break-up of the National Parking Adjudication Service, ­which has long been a thorn in the side of greedy council parking contractors, shows how much minor-league government ministers hate the driver.