So here's the big question: will Hyundai's storming sales performance continue once the scrappage fund is all spent?

We’re barely halfway through June and the SMMT's sales figures for the month - which make up the trade's scorecard - will remain a closely guarded secret until early July. But according to industry insiders paid to know these things, Hyundai is currently on track for the number two spot in retail sales.

Of course, scrappage has been particularly good to Hyundai, which has exactly the sort of affordable, well-warranted cars likely to appeal strongly to those trading out of unreliable bangers. And Vauxhall's substatial fleet business means there's no chance it will end the month lagging in overall sales.

But it's still a remarkable achivement for Hyundai, a company that was a bit-part player in the UK market as recently as five years ago. Small wonder that established, big-name dealerships are clamouring to get themselves Hyundai and Kia franchises.

The question that's really causing sweat for rival manufacturers is whether Hyundai will be able to hold onto its new-won market share once the scrappage cash runs out.