Gordon Brown dropped into the motor show this morning but he had only one thing on his mind: the environment. He marched straight to the Opel Flextreme concept nodded approvingly and then disappeared off to the Act on CO2 stand to get tips on greener driving.Odd considering he doesn't actually have a driving licence - but there you go.

But a few hacks buzzing around him, myself included,  did manage to throw him a few questions - but to each he replied that he is commited to a low carbon future.

That commitment extended to his assertion the other day that we'll all be in hybrids and electrics by 2020.I asked GM boss Bob Lutz what he thought of that prediction. 'Frankly ludicrous' was his answer.

I don't believe everything that Maximum Bob says but I think I'm with him on this one rather than our increasingly car hating PM.