Seems Catherine Tate and Chrysler boss Bob Nardelli have a lot in common.

Picture the scene at the Chrysler quarterly product planning meeting at the Auburn Hills, Detroit nerve centre. The chappy from Chrysler UK stands up and asks why there are no plans to build the upcoming Dodge Challenger muscle car in right-hand drive? Mr Chrysler America calmly puts down his Starbucks mocha latte with extra foam, leans towards the microphone and says: “Am I bovvered? Do I look like I’m bovvered? I’m not even remotely bovvered.”

I beats me how Chrysler can boast about aspiring to be a global company, yet effectively say they can’t be bothered to build arguably its biggest halo car for potentially its biggest European market. And what’s the problem here? The new Challenger will be based on the 300C platform which, the last time I checked, is offered with its steering wheel on the right.

There’s a real opportunity here for Chrysler. I know plenty of Brits who’d love a Mustang or Corvette, but wouldn’t consider one because they’re left-hand-drive only. If Chrysler came in with a right-hook Challenger, it might just scoop-up those lovers of Americana. At the very least, it would attract people into a Chrysler showroom and maybe they’d drive off in a Dodge Caliber or Nitro.

When the Challenger goes on sale in Europe next summer, chances are the dollar will still be in the toilet, so this 5.7-liter hot rod could be priced cheaply too. So come on Chrysler; it’s about time you were "bovvered".