As you’ll have found out if you read our first drive, I liked looking at the new Kia Soul a lot more than I liked driving it. The ride, especially on pockmarked Korean roads, just wasn’t good enough.

Nevertheless, I liked it a lot, mainly because I always appreciate something fresh and original. The Soul is unashamedly different, and it’s also a genuinely great-looking car. The photos just don’t do it justice, and it looks so much better on the street.

Just as importantly, the Soul may finally mark the divergence of Kia from sister company Hyundai. For ages the corporate line has been that they make cars with different flavours that will appeal to different people, but I can’t say I’ve noticed – have you?

The Soul won’t have an equivalent Hyundai, and that’s good news. Come to think of it, no-one else has anything like the Soul, either – something which augers well for Kia’s future.