What's your favourite James Bond car? Mine would have to be the Renault 11 taxi that Roger Moore's 007 man-handled along the Peripherique in Paris during A View to a Kill.

It's a vehicle that deserves no mercy in an environment that offers none, and by the time Bond clambers out, the poor 11 is pretty much just a front grille, two seats, an engine and two driven wheels. The sequence is (by far) the highlight of a dreadful flick, I reckon - to the point where you'd consider fast-forwarding your DVD to the start of the pursuit of a parachuting Grace Jones, and then turning it off as soon as it's over.

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Bond flicks are a bit better these days, with respectability restored post-Moore by Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan, subsequently lost by Brosnan in the awful Die Another Day, then rediscovered by Daniel Craig. But the cars remain a major part of every 007 flick - and it was vaguely reassuring to see the Aston Martin DB10 unveiled as the first 'non-human member' of the cast by director Sam Mendes at this morning's reveal of 'Bond 24', Spectre.