The automotive industry moves so fast that it’s easy to forget how hard and complicated some things are to change and implement. It’s not a case of getting a job done and moving onto the next problem.

One such example is the creation of Stellantis out of the merger of PSA and FCA. This was ‘completed’ back in January 2021 but the reality is that these are two wildly different entities operationally still being embedded together in less heralded corners of the companies long away from the cars in showrooms.

Maria Grazia Davino started as Stellantis UK group managing director in September and has found a company with “major operational problems” that are a result of the merger that is still ongoing. 

Bear in mind too that the integration of Vauxhall into PSA was still not fully complete before the creation of Stellantis, and you have three companies and three systems across multiple brands.