It's been another jam-packed week in the car industry, so naturally, there's another batch of things which tickled my fancy, and one which offended it. 

Take a look below for this week's best and worst, and make sure to respond with any metal you liked, or particularly disliked, this week. 

The best things I've seen all week 

Audi A8 

Screen shot 2017 06 14 at 10

Concept cars are horrible; they raise your hopes of a stunning, forward-thinking and - gasp - interesting future car, only for the production version to turn out looking like last year's one, with a few bits of chrome sneezed onto it. Not the Audi Prologue, though. The brief glimpses we've had of the Audi A8 show that the Prologue concept is very much alive, with an extra set of doors to boot. Hallelujah!

Volkswagen Polo

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The consensus on Twitter is that the new Volkswagen Polo is big. And not different enough to the last one. That's Twitter though. Yes, the new Polo is much bigger than before and, yes, it looks it. But the Polo's new position as a smaller Volkswagen Golf - an even better one - has the potential to do some considerable damage to the Ford Fiesta's UK best-seller spot, price permitting. Plus, there's the promise of greatly improved handling. 

Tesla's turbine wheels

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