Two-seat 402bhp concept car has a maximum claimed range of 224 miles and previews some design aspects that could feature in future DS models

An all-electric DS E-Tense concept car has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show.

The two-seat, high-performance GT marks DS’s second full year as a standalone brand separate from Citroën and signals its intent to cement its image as a luxurious top-end manufacturer away from its mainstream parent company.

It has a claimed fully electric overall range of 193 miles - or 224-mile purely urban range. The E-Tense has 381lb ft of torque and 402bhp generated by lithium-ion batteries under the car’s monocoque carbonfibre chassis, which also features front and rear double-wishbone suspension.

The is 4.72m long and 1.29m high, and its swooping, fluid design echoes the styling of the Divine DS concept from 2015 and shares elements with its predecessor, such as having no rear windscreen and instead using digital rear-view technology.

Also at the rear of the car are LED tail lights and indicators integrated into the roof, which DS says is inspired by the DS from 1955, while it also gets active LED daytime running lights that can rotate 180 degrees and which are likely to be used on future DS models.

The manufacturer claims its interior took 800 hours to design, test and produce, and it has collaborated with French luxury brands Moynat, BRM Chronographes and Focal, to design a helmet harness, the centre-console timepiece that can be detached and worn as a watch, and a nine-speaker audio system, respectively.

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26 February 2016
They short change the 'new' DS3 but spent 800 designing the inside of a concept car with a "centre-console timepiece that can be detached and worn as a watch".


Hydrogen cars just went POP

26 February 2016
xxxx wrote:

They short change the 'new' DS3 but spent 800 designing the inside of a concept car with a "centre-console timepiece that can be detached and worn as a watch".

Totally agree. The DS3 is by far their best model but its been neglected for far too long. And before long you'd lose that timepiece and end up with a gap on your centre console.

26 February 2016
For all its apparent boldness, its design is actually rather derivative. For example, the headlamps strongly echo Toyota/Lexus's design motif. Furthermore, "having no rear windscreen and instead using digital rear view technology" is a totally unnecessary complication and dependence on technological aid. This design exercise confirms the DS brand as a styling exercise rather than genuine innovation. In any case, this is not even a memorable shape, depending as it does on piling on details upon details.

26 February 2016
.....And the large radiator grill is for ???

26 February 2016
So they pinned up a photo of the new Honda NSX and the previous Audi R8 and copied them. Well done.

26 February 2016
How about it 'only' having 200bhp and doing 400 miles? (OK I know it doesn't work exactly like that but you get my point, I know which is more fun but which is more useful 0-60 4 seconds or actually getting home?)

26 February 2016
PSA are very good at producing eye-catching concepts, yet the cars they put into production are amongst the dullest looking cars on the road.

27 February 2016
Very appropriate design for an electric car - it's got no future.

I don't need to put my name here, it's on the left


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