For most of us, buying and owning a car is a fairly straightforward, unglamorous process.

But for the lucky few, it’s a whole other world of indulgence. I’m talking specifically about Bugatti owners – who, on average (and notoriously), own 84 cars, three planes and one yacht.

So what does it take to be a Bugatti owner? Well, firstly, you have to be in a very select group – either an existing Bugatti owner, or someone familiar to the company through its network of high-end dealers. For the new Chiron, of the 200 orders taken so far, 50% are from existing Veyron owners, while the other 50% are from newcomers to the brand.

Long before the Chiron was unveiled to the public at this year’s Geneva motor show, those select few were invited to so-called ‘roadshows’ around the world, starting last July in California. These are invitation-only events, where individuals have a private two-hour slot to look at the car and talk to designers, engineers and bosses about all things Chiron.

As a measure of these events’ success, 160 of the current 200 orders were taken as a result. Furthermore, if you keep in mind that no-one has had a single test drive yet, you start to figure out quite how powerful the Bugatti brand is.