You’ve got to admire Toyota. Having decided that the way to a more successful tomorrow is to start building cars people actually dream of owning – as opposed to merely choosing because they’re sensible – Toyota has backed it up by showing a model that perfectly embodies all the new values, and presenting a leader who says (and embodies) all the right things. Akio Toyoda, great grandson of the company's founder and sometime racing driver at the Nurburgring, ascended to the presidency of the biggest Japanese company in the summer, and made his first major public appearances last week at the Tokyo motor show. If it hadn’t been for him and his new car - the extraordinary FT-86 concept - the show might have been a pretty humdrum affair, given that it was almost completely ignored by all but Japanese car makers, and that most of the exhibits headed in the same worthy-but-dull 'green' direction. The place was positively rammed with plug-in hybrids and battery cars, but woefully short of the kind of stuff most of us really drive.