You may or may not be interested to learn that when I drive these days I don’t suffer from any stress, concern or any hint of road rage.

Not that I get particularly agitated by anything really. That’s because I never, ever look at other drivers.

I look at the road conditions, the cars, in the rear view mirror quite often, but never the nuts behind the wheel. That’s because it can all go so horribly wrong. I mean I always give a cheery wave of thanks to other road users, but I have no interest in whether they have done the same back.

In my experience of riding shotgun with ‘normal’ motorists, what kicks them off is how the other ‘normal’ motorists behave, or don’t behave. 

A one-way dialogue ensues where the driver questions the other driver’s abilities, parentage and all that. Instead if they just ignored it life would be a lot simpler.

So I no longer look at any other driver, check if they have waved back, or mind if they are doing 30mph in a 40mph, or seem to be two inches from my bumper. I really don’t care anymore and I have never felt better.

Not sure if that makes me a better, or worse driver. Or maybe I am winding down for my long motoring retirement where I begin to corner with no sense of urgency. Wear slippers, a hat and smoke a pipe, all while driving.

I wondered then just what karmic techniques you employed during the long hot summer to make sure that you don’t lose it behind the wheel.