So Chrysler is planning to sponsor the fourth instalment of the Terminator film franchise?

That seems an odd move for a company that has recently cut 36 per cent of its workforce and needs government financial aid as well as a helping hand from Fiat to keep it alive.

Perhaps Chrysler’s board are hoping the film’s optimistic title, ‘Terminator Salvation’, will have some effect on their own fortunes.

No doubt Chrysler wishes it really was helping to fund the development of a super-robot sent from the future to save mankind, rather than just a Hollywood movie.

After all think what a technological advantage self-regenerating, self-shaping liquid metal technology would be for Chrysler. No more tooling costs, vastly reduced development cycles, and customers wouldn’t have to take the car to a body shop after a crash – it would just repair itself.

On second thoughts, Chrysler, don’t worry about Obama or Fiat – the Terminator will be your salvation.

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