Traffic snarl-ups seem to be all the more irritating at this time of the year, when the weather can be exceptionally humid. However, the really important thing is to have a good line in distraction while you wait for something to happen.

My own bizarre contribution to in-car entertainment is deciding what musical genres certain cars are. Yes really.

Bear with me: in the broadest possible terms, small hatchbacks are pop music. Family hatches like the Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia are middle-of-the-road easy listening. Sports cars are rock. A Caterham would be thrash metal and a white van full-on death metal.

Many complicated luxury cars are progressive rock, but then again plenty of them are inoffensively classical.

The fun bit is getting specific. A Lexus LS is surely middle-of-the-road maestro James Last. That would make a GS Richard Clayderman and an IS Andre Rieu. But should that really be the Mercedes-Benz S, E and C-class?

For me the BMW 7-series has always been Deep Purple because the band’s keyboard player John Lord had one. Otherwise I see a Jaguar XJ as Genesis – but that’s Peter Gabriel-era Genesis. I regard a lot of MPVs as pop reggae.