I was tickled to read that Volkswagen has actually bothered to facelift the Phaeton, and Mercedes is persisting in prolonging the charade that is the Maybach.

Now, just maybe, the Phaeton can be viewed as a people’s Audi, or possibly a socialist Bentley. As for the Maybach, I actually feel that a stretched Hummer or Lincoln Town Car – the sort of things which are so popular in parts of Essex - are rather more relevant, practical and pretty by comparison.

Revised Maybach range revealed

New VW Phaeton revealed

Over the years there have been so many manufacturers dabbling at this end of the market – even though it is presumably doomed.

Meanwhile, making up a fancy badge name, loading the car up with equipment and then waiting for customers to turn up is still a popular pastime.

However, any pseudo luxobarge remains the sort of motor that I would actually buy, often because it is cheap, yet comfy. I’m not alone, either.

However, just adding chintz is not enough – these cars need to be loveable too. I’m thinking of the Toyota Crown and the Datsun Gloria/Cedrics of this world...