Really this Blog is for Boxing Day when nothing is occurring, not the middle of summer when there are things to do, places to drive to, and cars to go and buy.

But I couldn’t help noticing that Honda has listed the 10 best films with cars in them. The Italian Job is apparently, in best Americanese, the best Car Movie of all time. (In case you wondered, Honda is showing iconic car films in conjunction with the BTCC races).

As much as I love large parts of the old Job it is far too predictable. Bullitt is in there and The French Connection which is often overlooked, but Thelma and Louise? Grease? No Ronin at all so obviously normal people, not car obsessed saddos like us were casting their votes by the thousand.

It does though open up the greatest film with cars in it debate, which takes us beyond the usual car chase cliché.

So for that reason I’d nominate Brazil. I loved the little Messerschmitt Tiger and whatever those great big lorries were. Actually I get a huge amount of personal satisfaction out of watching any old film, especially British ones with street scenes where everything is built in Coventry, or Dagenham.

Just the other day I saw Carry on at Your Convenience and Sid James’s rotten Ford 100E was contrasted with Bill Maynard’s immaculate G-plate Capri. I enjoyed that more than a bunch of idiots in The Fast and the Furious mucking about in Honda Civics.

I won’t go on, but you certainly can.

That awful list in full.

1) The Italian Job2) Grease3) Blues Brothers4) The Fast and the Furious5) Thelma and Louise6) Smokey and the Bandit7) The Love Bug8) Bullitt9) The Cannonball Run10) The French Connection