I’m wondering exactly what car sums up living and driving under Labour these past few years?

They promised a ‘joined up thinking’ approach to transport policy, the end result of which was meant to be us junking our motors and then sitting on a bus next to John Prescott. Luckily that never happened.

Indeed, my one journalistic career bullseye involved revealing what MPs drove in 1997. The story so roused Prescott that he rang me up and told me off.

The interesting thing about that story was that - apart from Prescott’s Jag - MPs mostly drove universally bread and butter Sierras and Mondeos. Albeit run on hugely generous mileage allowances, of course.

Now Sierra Man was a media invention to identify the sort of hard working voter that ’90s politicians had to win over. In the end all it seemed to do was provide an easy tax target for the ruling political classes.

You could make a case for all those bonus funded 911s and DB9s a while back – but then the money ran out. That sort of sums up the live now pay later approach that developed under Labour, so maybe I should pick one of them as my ‘Driving under Labour’ car.