Hopefully by now you’d have seen some of the excellent student designs from Coventry University’s Automotive Design degree show.

I spent the evening at the show yesterday; it was a pleasure to meet the students, see their work and listen to them explain the rationale behind it. Here are some of my favourties.

Chris Rose – Synergy

The design was impressive, but the packaging even more so. Within each of Synergy’s wheels are electric drive motors and active suspension systems.

The compact sports car could seat four adults in comfort as less space is taken up at the front, rear and underneath by components.

Chris Cheng – (mini)2

Here’s a Mini that lives up to its name. Chris designed a spacious three-seater that’s shorter than the original Issigonis Mini. It sits in size between the Smart ForTwo and Toyota iQ and is quite a topical car, given Mini’s announcement that intends to build its own city car.

Perhaps someone at Mini should take a look at Chris’s design?

Douglas Hogg – Bugatti Aerolithe