Taking pictures of cars is a very long way indeed from being my forte in life (I haven’t yet discovered what is to be perfectly honest, but that’s a question for another vocational specialist altogether).

But this hasn’t stopped me from aiming a camera, pressing the shutter and – very occasionally – taking a sort of half-usable photo of the odd car every once in a while.

And the ones attached to this blog are, I think, my all time personal favourites. This is not because the photos themselves are in any way beautifully composed or of anything other than fairly rubbish quality. I like them because of the scene they portray, and the holiday they remind me of.

They were taken outside a restaurant called La Conca Azzurra on the Amalfi coast in Italy. The better half and I had just walked for half an hour across a fairly treacherous mountain path to get there, and when we arrived finally, knees trembling, stomachs rumbling, there was a concours condition dark blue Fiat 500, just sitting there right on the beach, right outside the restaurant.