Here’s a game that we haven’t played for a while. It’s called ‘What have I bought this time?’.

It is the latest in an occasional series where you have to guess what atrocious used car I’ve just bought. 

To inspire and encourage you I’ll give you a prize of some sort. Something easy to ping your way - like a PDF of the Bangernomics Bible - so I don’t have to go to the bother of finding an envelope and going to the post office. 

So it’s the first one to identify the make and model of just what lives on my drive now. I had to buy it in a bit of hurry when the family Discovery went pop recently. 

I won’t bother with a clue at the moment, although the fact that it is replacing a Land Rover might help, or it could be hugely misleading. I will pop in and take a look at where it’s all going and type cryptic words like ‘hot’, ‘cold’ and ‘luke warm’.