Menacing. There’s nothing wrong with owning a menacing car, I suppose. If you’re Batman.

It is, however, a curious word – menacing – to describe a luxury car. Bentley has just used it to characterise the appearance of the Mulsanne Speed – the fastest variant of its long, opulent luxury car that sits 
atop a proper-posh range.

It’s a curious choice because, as if a car that says “I’m a gazillionaire property magnate or oil baron” wasn’t enough, now it says “I’m a gazillionaire property magnate or oil baron in a bad mood”. I’m not sure I’d want to say that about myself – which is, perhaps, why I’m not a gazillionaire property magnate.

But it makes me wonder: what does your car say about you? Or, more pertinently, what do you want it to say about you?

I dimly remember a TV programme from a long time ago. Three cars were presented to a panel of women and a question posed: which of these cars’ drivers do you think you’d find most attractive?

One car was a crusty old British classic. An MG, perhaps. Another a sports car you’d describe as ‘flashy’ (although 
I forget which). The third 
option was a Jeep.