All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, as the old seasonal song goes. Luckily, I’ve still just about got most of my teeth. I would, though, quite like a couple of changes to happen in the automotive world, plus a couple of additions to my garage...

So on the basis that I’ve been reasonably good this year and that Father Christmas is legally obliged to bring me at least a few of these items, let's see what pairs I would put on my Christmas list.

Two cars

I really would like a BMW 316. The first E21 version please, Santa. It brings back happy memories of flogging them. It's very undervalued, I think – not glam but very significant, lightweight and fun. The smallest engine is fine. Thinking small, an Autobianchi Primula would be superb. Preferably the first hatchback. It's cute as a button and a rarity in the UK; I’ve definitely got space for one.