Tyre-kicking  - if you’re a car nut, you almost certainly love giving used cars the once-over and indulging those ‘what if’ fantasies.

Sometimes, you might actually be setting out to buy something inspired by Autocar. Of course, we tyre-kickers have been able to pursue our interest without going anywhere near a car dealer for a good 15 years now, courtesy of the internet.

Trawling used car ads has to be a major activity/time-waster for millions of us and websites like Pistonheads certainly know our habits.

Boxing Day is a fine moment to tap into a tyre-kicker’s loose-endishness it seems, with Auto Trader boss Trevor Mather reckoning that large numbers of us take to our iPads, mobiles and desktops for a bit of festive automotive diversion, quite often with serious intent.