The subject of the sub-standard driving that so frequently displays itself on British roads is one that us users of love to discuss. I’m wondering if I can tempt you all to discuss it again. But I’m not just picking a likely topic that’ll make everyone wade in; I’ve got a practical suggestion to improve things that could, I think, make life better for all of us.

Why not make the first steps you go through to actually get your driving licence more like those you take in preparing for riding a motorbike? That’s what I’m wondering after spending last Sunday fizzing around the rural lanes of Warwickshire doing my CBT.

Getting the legal right to ride a motorbike isn’t quite as simple applying for a ‘provisional’, waiting to turn 17, and then signing one of your parents up for a white knuckle ride every time you want to venture out. Everyone who wants to ride does a day-long course of Compulsory Basic Training that ensures they’re up to a minimum standard before they’re allowed to get their motors running. So to speak.

The day focuses on theory and off-road bike control in the morning, and then practical road riding in the afternoon. You cover the importance of preparation, having the right safety kit, good clutch control, good observation, emergency stops, good road positioning, good anticipation – the lot. And it’s training not a test, so there’s no pressure: if you’re not up-to-standard by the end of the day, they just invite you back for another go.