It’s the bank holiday DAFTAs, so without further ado...

Oddest Hispanic corporate tie-up of the week; Fernando Alonso announces that he has just insured his thumbs for £9m to “raise awareness of Santander’s life and accident insurance packages.

According to Santander, who Alonso has just signed a one-year deal with, Fernando’s thumbs “are a big symbol as, apart from being essential when driving a Formula One car, they represent a sign of victory, and that everything is under control and well protected.”

Quite what the bloke from Santander thinks Alonso does with his feet, arms, backside, head, brain, ears, eyes and hands when driving an F1 car isn’t certain. But so long as his thumbs are alright, he probably doesn’t care.

It all sounds strangely like the insurance wavers they have on Spanish hire cars, in which damage to everything except the tyres is fully covered. I’ve often wondered what the average Holiday Autos rep would say if you handed back the keys to a burnt out wreck that was still smouldering on the side of the Autovia del Sol, and said; “Hello there, yes, the rest of car’s a bit knackered but don’t worry, the tyres are still fine.” I guess they’d just give you a casual thumbs-up – and then go back to their siesta and chips.