I'm writing this sitting outside at a cafe in Blackheath with a strong cup of coffee - pleasant, but not really material for an Autocar blog... so far.

I've just pulled up and parked the white VW Scirocco that I have for the weekend and, boy, did it get a reaction.

I had a five-minute chat with the first guy, who unsurprisingly hadn't seen one before. He knew that it had more than a hint of Golf about it, but was intrigued to see around it.

By the time I was mid-chat with the second guy, I was getting pretty desperate for my double espresso.

Fortunately my third Scirocco-themed conversation took place once I'd ordered my morning fix.

The word on the street - literally in this case - is that it looks sensational, particularly the space-age rear. And I agree. I was a bit disappointed when i saw the snaps of the production car and it didn't much resemble the iroc concept. But, as with many cars, neither photographs nor the paintwork did it justice. In the metal, it looks superb.

Now, where are the keys?