Over on our sister magazine Autosport’s website, they’ve done a fine technical analysis about the rigours of Turn 8 at Istanbul Park, where the Turkish GP will be held this weekend.

It’s in the form of Q&A with various people at Mercedes GP, who have carried out an in-depth study of the forces that build up in an F1 car through ‘the most demanding corner of the season’ – not just inside the driver’s cockpit but through the tyres and suspension as well. And the conclusion, basically, is that Turn 8 is very much The Grim Reaper when it comes to the front right tyre.

One question; given that Pirelli has designed this year’s tyres to fall to bits after not very many laps to keep the racing as interesting as possible, what on earth is going to happen this weekend?

Are we going to see a double-digit number of pit stops during the race? Are drivers going to get spat off the circuit randomly as their front right tyres give up between the third and fourth apexes at Turn 8? Will anyone actually reach the chequered flag?