I've got two questions about the awesome new Nissan GT-R. First, why do we have to wait until next March for the official, Nissan-approved version to arrive in the UK, when the same car is already on sale in Japan?

And, on a related theme, chin-scratcher number 2: why is Nissan GB threatening to sue anybody who tries to bring in a GT-R ahead of its officially mandated launch here?

I feel for Nissan GB over the frankly daft delay between the Japanese and American launches of the GT-R and its European debut. With anticipation of the company's most exciting new product since the turn of the millennium built up to a white heat, the company tells potential punters that they have to wait for over a year to get their hands on one.

Most will wait for the officially appointed time, some will go off and buy something else - but a select, affluent few will do everything it takes to bring in cars direct from Japan. And Nissan's threat to sue any dealers who try to help them do so is unlikely to deter them in any way.

According to a reputable specialist, the total cost of bringing in a GT-R and paying all appropriate duties is going to be about £60,000 - more than the £54K-ish that Nissan will be selling fully official versions for. Throw in the lack of a warranty, and likely shaky residuals alongside later "official" versions, and it's not something that any more than a handful of determined early adopters are going to be prepared to do.