Below is a press release that was sent to me this morning. I haven’t changed a single word. “Despite a lifetime of prolonged UVA (ultraviolet A) exposure from sunlight while sitting in the car most people in the United Kingdom (UK) fail to protect either themselves or their children with sun cream before setting off on a journey.


This is the key finding of a report published by Solar Gard, a maker of UV-rejecting film for windows.

Many people are unaware that the majority of car windows, including many tinted windows, do not block UVA, a key causal factor of skin damage, premature ageing and skin cancer. Even fewer consider UVA to be a threat except during scorching heat. But actually, UVA rays are the most prominent form of UV light, and penetrate car windows, and therefore our skin, even on cloudy days.

The report, which surveyed 1000 UK residents, aimed to explore the extent of the risks faced by the UK public in their vehicles.  Key findings revealed that the majority of men and women surveyed (92 per cent) did not regularly apply sun cream, to themselves when travelling in the car and the majority (88 per cent) failed to protect their children.

Kathryn Giblin, Vice President of Marketing for, Solar Gard said: “Clearly, further education is needed to ensure people are not putting themselves or their children at risk, whilst travelling in the car.  The findings also raise debate around whether car manufacturers should automatically install protective glass or window film to reduce the risks of skin damage to their customers.”

Question one; how on earth are we expected to remain in control of our burning furnace of an automobile if we’ve got sun cream all over our hands?

Questions two; how exactly do you spell guard?

Question three; are Solar Gard’s windows UV or UVA-rejecting – because from what you say in the first paragraph (namely both) I’m confused?

Question four; you wouldn’t be trying to scaremonger us all into buying into your product here, would you?

Question five; whatever next will they come up with in order to save us from ourselves?