I’ve just spent two days taking in intense back-to-back technical briefings at Jaguar and Land Rover covering three different new models and a myriad of individual variants. My mind is, quiet genuinely, reeling.

But I think I should first shine a light on Jaguar’s new XKR-S. It could easily be dismissed as an extreme styling special, but, having been talked through the project by the engineers responsible, I reckon this car is going to make more of an impact than anyone has suspected.

When you see the XKRS in the flesh, it’s very striking indeed and, arguably, the most visually aggressive Jaguar yet. There are a couple of cheeky references to the Nissan GT-R, in the way the grille is framed by the nose cone’s ‘jowls’ and the square-cut tail spoiler. And I can’t help but associate the ‘French Racing Blue’ colour scheme with Audi’s original RS2.