Okay, this one’s a bit more complex because it involves the twists and undulations of Donington, plus a more disparate range of cars, but the question itself is exactly the same: what’s fastest?

I’m talking about the short circuit at Donington - in other words, not the one that includes the Melbourne loop. And despite what you may think in light of the British GP debacle, the circuit itself is the same as it ever was – even if the Spitfire has been sadly removed from the infield near the Old Hairpin.

Here are the cars. See if you can put them in order of lap time, from fastest to slowest, with yours truly at the wheel on a dry, sunny day:

Renault Megane 250 Cup, Noble M600, Mercedes SLS, Jaguar XJ (supercharged), Ferrari 458, VW Scirocco R, Lotus Elise (entry-level model), Lotus Evora, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Alpina B5 S.

Anyone who gets it spot on wins a free subscription to the mag for a year – on me.

Good luck.