Stopping children smoking in their cars has to be a good thing I suppose, unless I’ve misunderstood this whole issue completely.

Now a week is a long time in politics and in the world of professional blogging it is something of a lifetime.

So following on from last week's moan where the politicians' lack of driving experience and empathy with the modern day motorist can only cause problems, as of last night it seems that the large majority of them want to poke their noses into what you do in your car every day.

Telling people what to do is a speciality of government. That’s what they do. If they have to tell people not to smoke in the same space as their children then people really are quite stupid.

If people can’t be trusted to make a lifestyle choice, why not ban smoking?

Isn’t holding a mobile phone to your ear while steering your way through life banned? I see berks in vans and cars doing that all day long, so how is that restriction going then? Not very well obviously.

Oh and I presume it is okay to smoke e-cigs in your car with kids aboard? The cops won’t know it isn't a real cigarette until they have deployed the stinger and brought the MPV to a halt.

I notice in popular tabloid newspapers that the celebrity parent of a small child has been told off by a PCSO for leaving the kid in a locked car while they popped into a shop.

Complicated isn’t it? The state does seem unduly interested in what goes on in our motor cars. But surely an Englishman’s (or Irishman's, Scotsman's, or Welshman's – delete as appropriate) car is their wheeled castle?

Please discuss.