I'm not sure whether you picked up on this recent newsy nugget, when former Secretary of State and First Lady Hillary Clinton addressed the National Automobile Dealers Association in New Orleans.

Having been chauffeur-driven to the event she quickly revealed that, while she appreciated what the dealers all did and that it would be lovely to buy some of their wares, she had not driven a car since 1996.

That’s a bit strange for Autocaristas like us, who pretty much live to drive. It's funny, but quickly turns scary when you start to think about it more. The great and the good of the ruling political elite seem to think that driving is beneath them.

In the UK it is no different. I am slightly obsessed by what politicians drive, and my greatest journalistic achievement was a national newspaper story on what Labour drove, or didn’t, in 1997. It eventually led to John Prescott telling me off. Job done then. I really should have another go at the current crop.

However, another national paper did recently look at the so-called ‘red box’ journeys as ministerial documents took a back seat in a ministerial car for no sensible reason while the MPs themselves took public transport or walked.