I notice that for some reason Nissan has got the contract to supply the big apple with its next generation of taxis.

It’s come up with a spectacularly ugly MPV, which looks even more bilious because of its overwhelming yellowness.

Having spent some time in the back of a Crown Victoria or two over recent years it seems a shame that we will not be able to make the journey from airport to Manhattan in something quintessentially American.  In the old days it was those wonderful Checkers and it seems that America is going the same way as the UK's non-indigenous vehicles, which do the public service donkeywork.

So when we all go binge-drinking on Friday, we’ll be picked up by paramedics in a Mercedes Vito, after being cautioned by a Policeman leaning out of his Octavia.

Most countries seem to manage with home grown saloons as their staple hire and reward vehicles. So what then should the new yellow cab be? I’d go for a retro Chevrolet Impala purely because I had a Corgi model that I loved as a nipper. In fact any big yank tank that makes you think Blues Brothers.

Am I just deluded, shallow, or just plain wrong? Surely someone can come up with something better than a Nissan van.