Earlier this week, I was asked by the kindly folk at Autocar to name my car of the decade for an upcoming interweb poll.

However, apparently I rather missed the point. Instead of being relentlessly positive and cheerful, I was negative, and rather grouchy about my choice.

I was asked to have another go but, never one to throw things away, in the meantime I thought I’d whet you appetites and poke a stick at new Mini owners everywhere by reproducing my original effort now.

After all, if there is one car which sums up just how stupid many new car buyers have become in the last decade, it has to be the usually lovable and fragrant Mini Cooper.

Yes, it may be good to drive, plus there is a strong belief that it looks very yoof-full and funky, but should we really be charged so much for so little?

Ultimately this is a 2.25-seater supermini with a wafer-thin boot. It really isn’t that useful, or even that mini given its current dimensions.

Of course, the new Mini should not be compared to the original Mini say the apologists, and they are right. But why call it a Mini, then? Well, that’s marketing for you. As cynically as BMC made twee Wolseleys and Rileys to cash in, BMW did much the same but with rather more attention to build quality. Unlike BMC, though, BMW know how to charge full whack for just about everything - including those silly condiment based option packs.

Yes, the success of the new Mini is down to the sheer brilliance of the BMW marketing dept, which managed to take a car that was less spacious and not remotely innovative compared to the original, then charge loads for it and very cleverly keep customers coming back to dealerships because of their servicing package.

The result is a car that is far too numerous, self-important and over-valued.

There I’ve said it - and I'll say it again: everyone who bought a brand new Mini Cooper (and plenty of used ones) is stupid. Dicuss...