So driving while using a mobile phone could now earn you jail time - and we're being warned that using a hands-free kit is riskier than having three pints of strong ale before the return journey home.

Sure, I could point out that it seems like only last week that the prisons were so full of miscreants that a mass amnesty of thieves, muggers and robbers was being suggested. And, I could also point out that, once again, HMG's priorities appear to have arse about face.

But I won't. Indeed, I reckon that we should extend seasonal goodwill to our Lords and Masters and acknowledge that this is a brilliant idea - before thinking up a list of other in-car activities that should be banned. Here's are my suggestions.

1) Listening to the radio.

Clearly lethal - the radio distracts drivers from the business of driving and - through announcements about traffic conditions - can actually encourage the anti-social practice of "rat running" or (as it's sometimes known) "not sitting in an enormous jam". Local radio DJs may also cause stress and anger through cheesy banter and ludicrously tangential plugs of sponsored products.

2) Having passengers.