One of the benefits of supplying James Bond with his car is an opportunity to star in the latest movie.

Ulrich So any car enthusiast watching Quantum of Solace this weekend should keep their eyes peeled for a scene about 15 minutes into the movie and set in a outdoor opera in Austria.

Sitting next to Bond baddie Dominic Greene is the clean-cut figure of Uli Bez, Aston's chairman. "I am one of the bad guys," Bez said proudly during an interview today. "When the producers offered me this chance as a gesture for the help Aston gave them, I was very interested."

He rates it as a reward for the support Aston gave to the film makers - preparing cars at short notice, air freighting replacement parts out to location and helping fix up various DBSs which get a right hammering in the breath-taking opening sequence.

Bez wore a baddies' earpiece and walks out of the auditorium behind Greene when Bond interrupts evil-doings.

For this 2.5-second scene Bez told me he spent two stints from 5pm to 4am on location near Lake Bodensee, along with 1500 extras.