I spent a while recently driving around in a Mini Roadster Cooper S, and there’s no doubting that it’s a flawed car. But let’s admit what we all know; nobody considering actually buying one will care. Not even a little bit.

And actually, whilst I have been massively frustrated by the ride quality and interior ergonomics of every single BMW Mini I’ve ever driven, I do see the appeal of the Roadster. I’m sort of just pleased to see another manufacturer paying attention to the two-seat, £20k sports-roadster niche because I’ve always liked the more attainable take on such an indulgent class of car.

I also believe that most enthusiasts will look at this car in the wrong way. Is it as good to drive as a Mazda MX-5? Don’t be ridiculous, of course it’s not. Does it ride and handle properly? No and yes, respectively. Is it desirable? Opinion-dividing, but I’d say without a doubt to the relevant audience.