What's the point of Maybach? I'm not sure that even Mercedes knows the answer to that one anymore. Which is probably why they've just served up the ludicrous Landaulet version of the 62 limo.

In case you haven't seen the pics yet, here's one: it's a modern version of the 30's Landaulets.­ The rear section is a soft-top, so you can be chauffeured around in the fresh air, being seen by all and sundry in your mega-Merc, while your driver cowers in the cabin up front. But why would you want to, unless your driver was so ugly or unpopular that you didn't want to be seen in the same car as him? Or unless he was peculiarly susceptible to drafts.

Merc should rethink the Maybach brand and fast. It's supposed to be the world's premier car brand, but this sort of thing turns it into a joke, putting it right up there with the sort of outfits that stretch Hummers.­ To look at this car you wouldn't think it was a brand that considers itself a Rolls-Royce rival.

Let's have a bespoke, beautifully built limo that showcases all of the technology that Merc can muster please. Something a bit like the F700 concept car, in fact. Otherwise Maybach should be quietly killed off.

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