You know, I think they might just do it. Dany Bahar and his multinational Lotus management team might pull off their extraordinary project to turn Lotus on to a proper, profitable, sports-car concern, based on the launch of five new models.

Sure, they've announced an even more expensive exploit in building their own V8 in time for the launch of the new Esprit at Geneva in 2013, but to me, it SOUNDS right. So does the idea of holding the new Elan until 2017, and renosing the Evora.

But the most impressive thing is the fact that the design and engineering heavyweights that joined last year to propel this radical plan are still there.

The event Lotus staged at Hethel this afternoon clearly shows that a great relationship exists between two unlikely principals, design boss Donato Coco and engineering wizard Wolf Zimmermann. Ex-Rolls, ex-Mini, ex-BMW boss Karl Heinz Kalbfell is still there - I thought he might not last.

There are several elephants in the room. Current sales is one (Elise sales are down to 800 a year) and finding buyers for the new models is another. But you've got to credit Bahar and co for their candor - they certainly need not have dealt with the reptiles who have been so critical.

The place is buzzing. New buildings are also being built at Hethel; the whole place hums. These are certainly not the incompetent or fly-by-nights some of us imagined.

I'm not quite ready to say they'll pull it off, but I certainly reckon they deserve to.