So there has been a Budget, and with it a full-scale road fund licence revamp, which doesn’t kick in until 2017.

As usual, it’s a confusing slab of rules and regulations that leaves everyone reeling. The point of the Budget seems to be that if you want to buy or lease a car, do it now or next year. What about used cars, though?

Well, it doesn’t really matter too much, as everything stays the same - until 2017. At that point, previously environmentally friendly cars will become more expensive to tax. Indeed, the prestigious £40k eco-friendly car that you always promised yourself will actually cost an extra £310 a year to own from year two to year six.

No, I can’t fathom that out either, but it could certainly make any £40k car that isn’t particularly environmentally friendly just a bit cheaper to buy.

But that’s in the future, and the used car market is about the here and now. And right now, we should stock up on the cars we love, or at least like. So why not fill your boots with the sort of inappropriate motors that could seem almost illegal in a few years’ time?

Let’s buy a Porsche 911. The 996 is now very affordable and, being from the late 1990s, also avoids some of the road fund licence complications that made them more expensive to own post-2001.