You know the scenario I’m talking about here.

You’re traveling along a busy motorway in lane three, and the traffic is moving along just fine, and then along comes Mr White Van Man, lights ablaze, undertaking anyone and everyone that he can, causing brake lights to come on left, right and centre.

So as he cruises past you on the inside, you think to yourself; no way my friend, you are NOT going to push your way into that gap. Which then presents you with a dilemma. 

Do you do the right thing? Do you ignore the berk, in other words, and let him in, knowing that, soon enough, he’ll get bored of sitting behind the car you were sitting behind and continue to undertake his way out of your orbit.

Or do you close the gap to the car in front to a point where Mr Undertaker can’t actually muscle his way in?

We all know that we should try to do the former, that we should turn a blind eye, let the idiot get on with it, give him the gap he so desperately desires and then continue to drive on down the road, safely, with your heart beating at a non-stratospheric level, and without engaging in some form of bizarre road rage incident.