Elle Macpherson snapped driving Fiat 500C!

Apparently that’s what counts as a news story these days, though there is a huge whiff of PR puffery about the story, which made headlines (elsewhere) last week.

Apparently, Elle ‘fell in love’ when loaned a 500C and will be taking delivery of her own soon. I am sure the multi-millionaire business woman will be paying for her car, too...

Quite why Fiat needs Elle to draw attention to the 500C is beyond me. Then again, quite why anyone would want any Fiat is something of a mystery to me.

That said, even though there have always been some difficult design periods for the marque, a Thema 8.32 would certainly be amusing and I’ve always wanted the dashboard of a Lancia Trevi as an object d’art. But that was a Lancia, wasn’t it?

No, I’ve never got on with Fiats. In fact, everyone I’ve ever known who had one has encountered problems.

I thought I loved the new Panda, until a friend got one and the head gasket blew. What’s more, the dealer could not have been less interested.

Then there is the Fiat Coupe that a close relative bought. It failed so spectacularly that they were obliged to replace it with another new one. It then depreciated at a spectacular rate – he paid £25k and was lucky to get £2995 for it with only 30,000 miles on the clock.

The new Punto is pretty, but I worry. Thinking back to 1978 I remember someone I worked with got a Supermiafiori - and he quickly renamed it a Crappymiafiori.

A man of my advanced years may well fancy a toned ex-supermodel, but I still need a lot of convincing to invest any of my hard earned into any Fiat shaped car.

How about you?

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