Question number one: which electric car blew us and the Aston Martin Rapide S away in the summer of this year?

2. Which British Touring car driver was crowned champion at Brands Hatch this year?

3. If a car burns fuel at the rate of 12 litres per 100 kilometres, how many miles does it do to the gallon?

4. What 0-100mph time did the Ferrari F12 achieve when we road tested it earlier this year?

5. What was the biggest-selling car in the UK in 2013?

6. Which vehicle proved to be fastest over a standing kilometre out of – a Citroën DS3 Rallycross car, a BMW HP4 superbike and an Ariel Atom V8?

7. Who’s son will partner Jenson Button in the McLaren F1 team in 2014?

8. How long is the RN85 – more commonly known as the Route Napoleon – in kilometers? (within 10km wins a you a cookie).

9. Plus or minus five per cent, what percentage of new cars sold in 2013 had a manual gearbox?

10. McLaren 12C?

11. In which country did Jaguar sell most cars in 2013?

12. Which driver won the outright title at Pikes Peak this year?

13. If a car produces 560ps, how much brake horsepower does it have?

14. What speed did Lord Drayson’s electric car do when it set the new electric car land speed record this year?

15. How much does it cost to drive into Wales across the Severn Bridge?

16. What official lap time did the Porsche 918 set at the Nurburgring earlier this year?

17. Which car won our 'Best Driver’s Car' title in 2013?

18. How old did Autocar magazine become in 2013?

19. Who is the current secretary of state for transport in the UK?