Common sense or government (vote winning) jargon?

That’s what I’ve been left wondering after seeing the government isn’t planning to cut the national speed limit on single track roads from 60mph to 50mph.

I’m not an expert on government speak, but it would seem that it’s now a given that we won’t see a blanket reduction with its statement claiming “it is not proposing to reduce the national speed limit”.

Instead, we’re going to see roads looked at on an individual basis and the government is “recommending that lower limits are adopted where risks are relatively high and there is evidence that a lower limit would reduce casualties”. I'm sure they'll try and make a case for every road asopting a 50mph limit...

Now I’m of the opinion that there’s no such thing as an unsafe road, only unsafe driving, but that’s something for another blog. What the government hasn’t said, however, is how it intends to ensure the new lower speed limits on 50mph are policed.

Are we going to see even more fixed speed cameras? Or how about some of the average speed checkers that are cropping up more and more, especially in sections of motorway roadworks.