I’ve always found myself being a bit sceptical of new technology, or even old technology which has been improved.

That’s why I’ve never quite been able to get my head around the whole concept of electric cars. I can see their potential merits; low emissions and cheap running costs being two, but given the choice; I’d always go for the petrol equivalent.

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There is one exception to my general attitudes towards electric cars, however. Tesla has already proved that electric cars can be fun with its excellent Roadster, but this is far too impractical to be taken seriously as everyday transport.

And far too expensive too, with a list price of a rather eye watering £92,000.

But help could be around the corner with the launch of Tesla’s second model, the Model S saloon. This is a car we’ve known about for a long while and was officially launched earlier this year but until today, we hadn’t seen any decent pictures of it on-the-road.

For around £40,000, you get a seven-seat saloon capable of getting from 0-60mph in under six seconds and 130mph. When I first read about it at its launch, this all seemed to good to be true and I was always a bit puzzled about how Tesla could make such a project viable.